Brunch in St. Louis

The joy of enjoying your weekend with a leisurely mid-day meal with your loved ones or close friends… that is the beauty of Brunch. The experience of tempting your taste buds with variations of breakfast classics and imagining what the amazing chefs of St. Louis will come up with next. Sipping your coffee, mimosa or bloody mary while all of your worries fade away and you simply embrace the beauty of now. Finding joy in sharing your great eats with all of your friends… or in our case with anyone that stumbles across our site Bon appétit!

Whatever you have in mind, STL Brunch can help you find that perfect spot. The beauty of brunch is you get to decide from a wide variety of menu items… all while indulging in time with your friends or loved ones over a leisurely meal.

How It Started

For us the search for the best Sunday Brunch in STL started as a way to alleviate post-vacation blues. We wanted to create something that we would look forward to when at home, so the rule became – Every weekend we are home we treat ourselves to brunch. It is a fun way to check out great restaurants and you can’t beat a leisurely morning sipping a mimosa. Some have date night… we have Sunday Brunch.